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         Semi-Permanent Makeup

Hair Strokes


This is one of the most requested brow techniques and creates a beautifully subtle brow. Alice can use permanent makeup to create fine hair strokes that simulate natural hair growing. Expertly applied through the existing brows to balance asymmetrical brows, redesign, widen and lengthen or for filling in gaps. For clients with no brows due to over tweezing, hormones, alopecia, chemotherapy Alice can create a redesigned brow shape using fine hair strokes and some subtle powdering technique to create a 3D effect. Extremely natural looking


Powdered/Shaded Brows


This method provides a combination of expertly applied hair strokes together with soft or bold shading to redefine and emphasise the shape, symmetry and arch.  This shape offers a lifted curve or arch depending on the client’s natural bone structure and what is achievable. This technique can be adapted from subtle elegant to stunning bold perfection.


Both brow techniques are excellent for:

1.Sparse hairs

2.Lack of definition

3.Years of over plucking

4.Medical (alopecia or chemotherapy treatment)

5.Injury or the ageing process

6.Creating fullness to your existing brows

7.Thicken, shape, and lengthen short eyebrows

8.Improve the appearance of straight or drooping eyebrows



Full After Care is given and a perfecting free boost to sharpen the desired colour will be arranged 4-8 weeks post procedure.


Semi Permanent Make Up

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Semi Permanent eye-liner can be used to enhance the eyes in 2 ways. A fine line can be applied through the lashes to give the illusion of thicker lashes, or eyeliner can be applied for a more dramatic effect with a thicker line which adds definition to the eye.


Using make-up to define the eye-line is a great way to bring out the eyes, change the appearance of the eye shape, achieve a more youthful appearance and make lashes look fuller and thicker. By adding definition to the eyes, they can appear larger, more striking, and younger!


Semi permanent eyeliner is ideal if you sometimes struggle to apply eyeliner; those of us with poor eyesight can sometimes find it difficult to aim the pencil in the right place, and some will find that no matter how expensive their brand of make-up, their eyeliner smudges too soon after application. Athletes and swimmers will also benefit from this treatment, as well as those with asymmetrical or small eyes who are looking to enhance the beauty of their natural shape. Permanent eyeliner is the answer!


How you apply your eyeliner is an individual choice, and will be discussed in order to achieve a shape that you are happy with. The outcome of the treatment is a beautiful but natural look that will emphasize the shape, size and colour of your eyes.


Our highly qualified technician Alice has trained with Dermace, the industry leaders in semi permanent cosmetics.


Semi Permanent Makeup is the ideal way of saving valuable makeup application time, making the best of your features by naturally enhancing them. Not only will you look pin-sharp each and every day, you'll also look great after a swim, a workout, a night out, or a busy day at work. No more smudged eyeliner,pale lips or disappearing eyebrows.


I am a qualified technician who has trained with DERMACE  industry leaders in semi permanent cosmetics and medical Micropigmintation.


The procedure itself is carried out  with the highest levels of hygiene as used in dentistry and tatooing. The procedure is relatively painless with local anaesthetic and can take about 90 minutes. The effects can last for around 3-5 years. A touch up is recommended every 2 years.


l assess your features and give results that are tailored to your face shape and skin tone. Every client is treated individually to receive cosmetics that appear natural and look great.


The Benefits of Semi Permanent Lip Make Up


Lip liners, gloss and lipstick can add colour and definition to lips, but many people find themselves having to reapply several times throughout the day  after eating, drinking, and of course, kissing! The main benefit of semi-permanent lip make up is that it will never rub off, saving what can add up to hours of time applying and re-applying lipstick.


Semi permanent lip make up can also restore colour and shape lost by ageing, scarring and cold sores, as well as correcting any asymmetrical lip lines.


I will assess your natural lip shape and colour, and discuss options with you to achieve a colour and shape you are happy with. Anything from a natural and subtle volume boost to a statement red lipstick effect can be achieved.



Lip Line Treatment



Our lip line treatment is perfect for those who want to achieve natural looking, fuller lips. The lip border is extended with pigments perfectly matched to your natural lip colour. These are applied along the natural lip line. You can choose from a thin line for a very natural subtle volume boost, or a thicker line for a more notable volume boost.


Lip Blush



Our Lip Blush treatment gives a gentle all over flush of colour, which is perfect for lifting out any grey pigment on darker lips, or give natural colour to faded or aged lips.


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Eye Brows

Eye Liner