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IPL permanent hair removal or permanent hair reduction is a very popular, non invasive treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to permanently reduce unwanted facial and body hair without affecting the surrounding skin.

IPL permanent hair removal works on the ' Theory of Extended Photothermolysis'. This occurs when the melanin (the dark pigments) in your hair absorbs the light and converts to heat, which radiates to the surrounding cells that form the hair. If enough heat is produced it will destroy these cells, thus preventing futher hair growth.

No need for messy waxes or gels

Permanently reduced unwanted facial and body hair

No embarrassing stubble

Great solution for sufferers of ingrowing hairs

Clean, smooth skin

Reduces the frequency of shaving

Feel cooler and more comfortable

In order to select the correct skin type for IPL treatment, the table below is used to classify skin according to its melanin content and the skins reaction to the sun. The ideal candidate for IPL Hair Removal has a lighter skin type with dark hair.


I can treat people with skin tones 1 to V. Very dark skin cannot be treated with IPL.

Discontinue sun exposure for 4 weeks prior to treatment

Do not use fake tan 1-2 weeks prior to treatment

Use an SPF 30 daily

Do not wax, tweeze or pluck the hair for at least4 weeks prior to your treatment

Shaving or depilatory creams are fine and you will need to shave the treatment site before your IPL session


The hair will appear to grow very slowly for approximately 2-4 weeks (this is the treated hair being pushed out of the follicle, not new growth)

All the hair should then fall out (any hair that doesnt may have been missed, not have received enough energy to destroy the cells, or was too light, too fine or too deeply rooted.

You should then enjoy a hair frre period of approximately 3-6 weeks

New growth will begin to appear and is treated at the next session

(After each session a percentage of hair will not grow back)

This cycle takes approximately 10-12 weeks for body hair, but is generally much shorter for facial hair.

IPL and LASER hair removal only effects the hair that is actively growing. At any given time, there is only a certain percentage of hair in this stage, called 'Anagen'. This is why treatments must be performed over a number of sessions, with a specific time span between treatments.

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No IPL or Laser system will achieve 100% permanent hair removal though you can expect and 70% to 90% reduction and what hair is remaining is generally much light and thinner

The number of treatments required, depends on your skin tone and hair colour and how your body responds to treatment.

The length of time between treatments are 4-6 weeks

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